Missouri Shows Em!

Patriots in the great Show Me state have a victory on their hands, and they deserve it! Proposition C passed with 71% of the vote and sent a LOUD message to the President and his administration– “NO!”.

It will be interesting to watch him squirm his way around this one, and to watch him continue to expose his socialist arrogance to the whole Country, while they demand to be heard.

I believe he convinces Americans every day that he simply does not care what they think–not on Arizona, not on Healthcare, not on Card Check, not on Abortion, not on the Supreme Court.

Thanks to the patriot movement in the Show Me State, almost 3/4 of voters know that a vote for Democrats in November is a vote to ensure that your opinion does not matter. Obama, and those he endorses (Carnahan, Clay, etc.) might want to reconsider their vulnerabilities and learn something. Patriots can tell them, patriots can pass the Proposition to illustrate their point, but patriots can’t understand it for those who are too arrogant to listen to them.

He is losing the minority vote, the Reagan democrats are Tea Partiers, and even Barbara Streisand is critical of Obamanomics.

This administration and its cronies are in deep, deep trouble, but so is our beloved republic for what they have done to it. Let’s pray that patriots make it to the finish line before liberals have a chance to completely undermine the heart of our great Nation.