A Challenge to the MSM: In the Name of Decency, Back Off the Ground Zero Mosque

From Big Journalism

Rancor among religions is one thing, but the questions surrounding the proposed mosque at Ground Zero are an entirely different sort of attack.

The land surrounding Ground Zero is a war memorial. The proposal of an Islamic mosque there is synonymous with a Nazi war memorial in downtown London. How would the world react to that proposal? Wouldn’t Western Europe just about leap off the map if that were proposed? Where is the outrage from our European “friends?”

Perhaps they are confused with the whole rosy picture of “peace” being painted by the Mainstream Media? Perhaps they believe the lie that this mosque is going to exist to “bring religions together.” Is that why they chose Ground Zero, the most hallowed ground in the country at the moment?

I have a proposal for the MSM and their Islamic buddies. I suggest that they, in the interest of religious peace and bringing religions together, extend an olive branch by bowing out of this ridiculous and divisive proposal altogether! If they really were interested in peace and fellowship among the “faithful” they would do the right thing. There is only one right thing to do here, and that is, in the words of our friends from Jersey, Fahgettaboutit!

If the Muslim world continues to fight for this mosque to be built at Ground Zero, they are not interested in peace, or religious dialogue. They are interested in war. They are using the concept of taqiyya (lying) in the best interest of Islam, and they will be further from the hearts of America than ever before.