Call to Christians…

I spent the better part of the week in Corporate meetings with Mr. Crawford and the Crawford Broadcasting Company in a meeting of the minds as to how to do our part to defeat the hostile takeover of our beloved Country.

In a phone conference, Mr. Crawford told his talent that it is time to go to the mat. He said that around 50% of Christians don’t even vote, and that it is incumbent upon us to change that in our work over the coming days preceding the election.

The look of passion and inspiration was rampant among the Crawford talent after Mr. Crawford’s remarks, and you could feel the conviction in the room. We launched the first in a series of National roundtable discussions involving why Christians don’t vote, why some Christians vote for liberals, and how to shed light on the truth, and severity of the issue.

World renowned author and speaker, Bill Federer was on my show where he raised a poignant point. If we do not activate and vote in this election, we may never vote in a meaningful election again in our lives.

Our free speech is under attack. Our faith is being taken from us. Our freedom is eroding. Our property is being stolen from us. Control of our family’s healthcare has been removed. We are being lied to, and lied about more than ever in this Nation’s history. Christians are under attack, and all other faiths are being exalted.

They can call us paranoid, but it is only paranoid if they aren’t really out to get you. Make no mistake, they are out to get us.

It is time to understand the black and white details of our Constitution, and the reality of separation of Church and State. It is time to not only ask your pastor to preach the hard truth from the pulpit, but leave the church if he is spineless. Let him know before you go that he won’t have a pulpit to preach from if he carries on in his convenient wimp mode.

It is time to get out of the gutter, stop condoning the malicious, the contentious, the crass, the indecent, and the unholy for the sake of convenience.

For moms–it is time to consider the distraction of soccer games, shopping, and carpool, and commit yourself to shaking Christians awake in time to change the course of history.

For dads–it is time to shake the sports habit, the remote control, and the recliner. Realize your job assigned by God is not monetary provision alone, but also political activism if that is what it’s going to take to win back control of our God-given Nation. If you are a Christian, and you choose to sit in your warm, comfy pew one more Sunday, then the blood of your own children is on your hands, and God isn’t going to bless anything else you do.

Start today. Start now. It is almost too late. Politics can no longer be put aside by Christians as merely a calling, it has become an imperative. For God’s sake, and the sake of all that matters, Christians, wake up!