The leftist blogs seem to really enjoy my Show! I want to thank them for tuning in, invite them back, and encourage them for risking the side effect that they might actually have a seed planted…

First, the liblogs attacked Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder for his announcement on Truth Talk 630 that he would file suit on Obamacare in the near future (Earth to liblogs–the public opposes Obamacare!).

Then, they and other liblogs attacked Congressman Roy Blunt for coming on The Dr. Gina Show and, well, being Roy Blunt (in their minds, that is a sin, because he stands in the way of the US Senate seat they want for Robin).

Next, numerous blogs attacked Senator Chuck Purgason for using the word “was” instead of “were” on my show (gasp!). We imperfect people should just be thankful that the perfect people out there shine the light on our imperfections, because otherwise, our “forgivenness” would be so meaningless.

And last, but not least, they attacked candidate for Congress, Ed Martin, both for being a Christian in the first place (that can be so offensive to some, Ed, you should be more, uh, sensitive to those who find your faith offensive and ridiculous), and also for “attacking Russ’ faith” on my show. He didn’t, but let’s not get caught up in the details. Even Chris Matthews joined the rancor, using unauthorized, proprietary audio that belongs to Crawford Broadcasting.

How can they have it both ways? Either one is an idiot for believing in God and His hand in our Founding Fathers’ establishment of the Constitution and other founding documents–OR–faith is sacred and no one should attack it. You can’t have it both ways. Well, I guess they can, because they are liblogs. We are just citizens. They work for an administration who has made it very clear that they do not care what we think about Obamacare, Arizona, racism, death threats to police officers and babies, Kagan or Berwick nominations, the trillion dollar deficit, …you get the idea.

The Dr. Gina Show has only been on air now for two weeks. This should be fun!

PS: I had Congressman Todd Akin, and Andrew Breitbart on, too. Can’t you find something to complain about there?