Black, White and Blue, United for FREEDOM.

This week on Tuesday, Election Day in Missouri, I want to extend a formal (by blog) invitation to all people to take the ballot of the Party of freedom, as we celebrate “Freedom in the Races” on the Dr. Gina Show with Pastor C.L. Bryant.

Minorities have a special opportunity to make history. In the last election, minorities votes for Democrats in the high 80%. 95% of black voters voted Democrat. All they have to show for their trust in “change” is less freedom, more enslavement, and a Country slouching toward socialism on the fast track.

Tuesday, however, they could choose to step out, reestablish their freedom, and vote for the Party who has extended a hand to them, and who freed them in the first place from the chains that originally bound them. A vote for Republicans on Tuesday would send a stronger message than could be sent from anywhere that we, believers in freedom, are not going to stand for a government that is no longer listening to us.

This government wants to erode our freedoms (healthcare, illegal immigration, debt, spending, U.N., etc.) and re-enslave a people who paid too much for the freedoms we bought with the blood of our Fathers and Grandfathers. We will not be silenced.

On Tuesday, send a message that YOUR vote will no longer be bought by an owner with an agenda. Vote for Freedom, and let it ring!

Listen to the Dr. Gina Show with special guest Pastor C.L. Bryant for our tribute to “Freedom in the Races” on Tuesday, 4-6 pm drive on Truth Talk 630 on your AM dial. You can listen live by clicking the button above right!