Political A List: Blogger, Jim Hoft. A Diamond in the Grass.

Who knew that Jim Hoft, the #2 blogger in the world lives and works from his home right here in St. Louis? The truth is, you would not know if you talked to him, or his neighbors, that he is the World famous Gateway Pundit.

This humble man, despite his affinity for the bullhorn, is not one to talk about himself or his accomplishments. He is an amazingly understated patriot who stands ready to tout the accomplishments of others in the conservative crowd. That is what makes it even more gratifying to know that Right Wing News has named him the #2 blogger in the Country, surpassing greats like Michelle Malkin, Red State, and more.

Jim has worked hard to change politics and he deserves this recognition. That is why he is our Political A Lister this week! Congratulations, Jim!