Dr. Gina Loudon

One of Gina’s favorite appearances on Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox News


Gina’s appearance on Donnybrook, a local debate-style TV show, where they discuss local and national issues


Gina hosts PolitiChicks with guest, Fred Grandy, from The Love Boat


Here is a lighthearted interview with reality TV star, Paige Duke

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A collection of Gina’s favorite 30 second promos from her radio show


Click here to read Gina’s recent Finance column on California’s Prop 29


This is a story done by a local St. Louis news outlet that highlighted the Loudon family’s adoption of their son Samuel who has Down Syndrome


Fans of Dr. Gina Loudon said:

The conservatives’ secret weapon—a double-edged sword. She is adorably disarming, and masterfully brilliant–A rising star in America’s renewal.”
William Federer, Author, speaker, historian, American Patriot

“Dr. Gina Loudon is a one-woman force of nature!”
– Dr. Milton Wolf, Washington Times Columnist and Barack Obama’s Cousin

“One of the best minds in America today”
 – Rev. C.L. Bryant, Creator, Runaway Slave Movie

“Dr. Gina is Awesome!”
– John Stossel

“If you’re diagnosed with liberalism, Dr. Gina will cure you.”
– Dick Morris

“She’s Fabulous!”
– David Limbaugh

“Dr. Gina, you are an Uncle Ted Spirit of the Wild blood brother.”
– Ted Nugent

“Not only [is she] gorgeous, [she is] smart…and fighting hard for all the right things!”
– Governor Sarah Palin

“Even in the midst of total societal collapse, you don’t want to miss the Dr Gina Show. She’s Great!”
– Mark Steyn, Author and guest host for Rush Limbaugh

“ The Tea Party Titan”
– Neil Cavuto

“The gold standard of talk radio”
– Craig R. Smith, Chairman of Swiss America

“The best thing to happen to radio since The Beatles”
– Dr. Milton Wolf, Barack Obama’s Cousin

“[She’s a] troublemaker and TEA party patriot.”
– Andrew Breitbart of &

“Dr. Gina has the cure for big government.”
– Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI)

“Listen to the Dr. Gina Show to find out all you need to fight the left and clean up the right”
– Erick Erickson,

“The hottest radio broadcaster I’ve ever met!”
– Steven Cruiser,

“[The] Tea Party Titan!”
– Neil Cavuto

“Listen to the Dr. Gina Show or the baby seal gets it!”
– Fingers Malloy,

“She’s gorgeous! And she fights the good fight!”
Pamela Geller, founder Atlas Shrugs, author, commentator

A reliable source of truth…a voice of clarity, wisdom and understanding about [the] issues.
Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO)

“She not only knows the issues…she lives them!”
Wendy Wright, Concerned Women for America

“Lovely. Forceful. Accurate.”
Pat Boone, movie star, author, patriot

One Fiery Host!
Sheriff Joe Arpaio

“A TRUE Conservative…”
Michael Reagan