Positively Terrifying

Here are the stories of many of our amazing, LEGAL immigrants. They deserve our borders to be secured, because they sacrificed so much to immigrate legally.

But according to the Border Patrol the public is being mislead as to WHO is coming illegally
into the US from Mexico.

Click on each video below:

Video 1
Video 2

If we don’t get this message out to the people, we are dead ducks…and soon!
PLEASE send to people before the video expires! See below two posts for how you can help.



  1. And what exactly do you propose to do besides hold rallies against the gov’t? I have an idea, we shoot everyone on sight who crosses the boarder!! Nobody should be allowed in period. (sarcasm)

    You cry down with gov’t then expect our gov’t to fix the border. Can’t have it both ways…

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