Political A lister this week – Barry Broome

Our Political A Lister this week is Barry Broome. In the face of an astroturfed National backlash against Arizona and the laws of this Country, when many in the political and business community wanted to cower in fear, Barry Broome stood strong.

When other political entities like San Francisco, LA, and even Gov. Schwartznaegger called for boycotts of Arizona, Broome went on Fox News and fought back, calling for retaliatory boycotts against those boycotting Arizona.

Such leadership by someone under direct fire, is something lacking in our body politic today.

As the founder of the BUYcott, I commend his idea of “boycotting the boycotters.” I am excited to work with him to fight for the sovereignty and economic vitality of Arizona, and the US.

Barry Broome

Broome is at the helm of one of the country’s longest-standing regional public-private partnerships for economic development. His contemporary approach to community-building and passion for public service drive his commitment to transforming Greater Phoenix into a region of excellence.

With 20 years’ experience as an economic development practitioner, Broome has garnered notable accomplishments.

In leading GPEC, he is credited with engineering economic development programs that have redefined public policy and improved Arizona’s competitiveness.

Broome orchestrated the passage of a $350 million tax credit to stimulate renewable energy investment in Arizona—one of the largest incentive offerings in the country.

He designed the Arizona Global Network, a lead-generation model driving foreign direct investment to the state. And he commissioned a fact-based analysis that led to the enactment of 80% sales factor, which enables Arizona to compete for multi-state corporations.

Prior to joining GPEC, Broome founded Southwest Michigan First (SMF), mobilizing large company expansions, relocations and venture capital funds. He’s been honored as Michigan’s Economic Developer of the Year, and SMF was named one of the Top 20 Economic Development Organizations by Site Selection magazine. He built the Southwest Michigan Innovation Center, launching 14 life science start-ups and 23 new ventures. His work with Western Michigan University resulted in a $100 million technology divestment from Pharmacia Corporation.

As Director of Economic Development for the City of Toledo, Broome was part of Project Jeep Team—the largest city-level industrial expansion project in the U.S., which led to $1.2 billion in capital investment and more than 5,000 jobs.

Broome is an invited guest lecturer at higher education institutions such as University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College, relaying his expertise on innovation, economic development and leadership. He was the commencement speaker at Arizona State University’s College of Public Programs 2009 graduation.

Broome sits on several boards and commissions, including the City of Phoenix Commission on the Economy, Arizona State University (ASU) Economic Council, ASU Technopolis Advisory Board, Metro Phoenix Partnership for Arts and Culture, Arizona Association for Economic Development, Arizona Economic Resources Organization and Salt River Devco. He chaired the economic development subcommittee for the City of Phoenix 2006 bond program.