Get Ready To Shiver, MSM: Citizen-Journalists Are Watching You

The leftist elements of the mainstream media (MSM) could be content just to gloat because they got away with the biggest coup in political history. Instead, they are launching a full frontal assault on conservatism. The left must be very afraid.

The accusations are flying. Virtually every MSM news outlet is running commentary of alleged “racial slurs” and “violent outbursts.” Shouldn’t they be running video of the actual incidents, instead (if they actually happened)?

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D, Mo.) made accusations and the media took the allegation as gospel despite the absence of any corroborating evidence. The MSM reported the allegation as news. Interesting, there was almost no national MSM coverage of an innocent black man who was attacked, beaten, and stomped on tape by SEIU protesters in St. Louis.(more)