UPDATE: Hanging, Ben Style

Update: Felony charges DROPPED!!! For details, see Bill Hennessy’s post at, or go to or VERITAS!!!!

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When my family was doing an East Coast trip last year, I recall being sincerely taken aback by the words of Benjamin Franklin, a true patriot of this great nation:

“We must all hang together, or we will most assuredly hang separately.”

As one of those huddled under the arch praying to find a way to take our message to Washington D.C. and save our republic last February, those words rang in my mind. Groups of patriots have always been persecuted. Is it really any wonder that our Department of Justice might have some ACORN friendlies, considering the present POTUS?

James O’Keefe was my first Political A Lister, because he is the one who dressed as a pimp, went in to ACORN and exposed what was obvious in plain site to anyone with a decent hidden camera. The Tea Party across the country borrowed his idea and began to keep cameras with us at almost all times. Personally, I believe this saved me from possible arrest at a BUYcott I conducted in New York where the mall cop called the police to remove my group and me for SHOPPING! You read it right, shopping was my “crime”. I was shopping at Whole Foods with a group of Tea Partiers and I did not even have a Gadsden flag! Still, my shopping was offensive, I suppose, because my money carried a message of free enterprise and sound fiscal policy. I guess this type of FREE SPEECH is opposed by some.

James has taken his camera, dressed as a member of any number of professions, and now he stands accused of breaking the law in a telephone repair suit, holding a camera phone. I read the affidavit, and I am not a lawyer, but I can’t find where any kind of bugging, or wire tapping is ever mentioned, despite accusations flying in the media. If the office had nothing to hide, then why all the hostility? How come none of the main stream media covered his ACORN work, but they seem delighted to cover his arrest? And how did the Federal Marshals get there so fast? Do they always hang out there?

I will concede that James and his band of boys are a lively group, who have pushed the envelope in investigative journalism to expose corruption and misuse of our tax dollars. I have seen our liberal media herald the guts of tough investigative journalism, and circle the wagons for their own when they were accused of taking it too far. Where are they now?

James and his band of brothers knew what they were up against, and that their lives would ultimately look like a suspenseful spy movie where Big Brother really WAS trying to get them. Still, they took the risks so that the rest of us could have greater transparency, less corruption, and so that the will of a government by the people and for the people could prevail.

I proudly stand with my friends, Bill Hennessy and Dana Loesch who have the courage to say that if terrorists who get on planes with bombs are “innocent until proven guilty” isn’t that good enough for a courageous, patriotic young prankster that was trying to expose corruption? It was true then, and it is true now–that patriots need to hang together, if we are truly fighting efforts to undermine the freedom of our republic.

No one is advocating breaking the law, but my Political “A” List has been about courage and creativity from day one, and James demonstrated both. Veritas, indeed!