Political “A” List: Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder

UPDATE:  Lt. Gov. Kinder on GRETA tonight (4/7) at 9 PM.  Don’t miss it!

We are all proud of Lieutenant Governor Kinder for standing strong against this massive power grab (Obama Care). This gives the Federal Government control of more than 20 percent of our economy, and will destroy the medical free market entirely, forcing all Americans into a program that will cost dramatically more, and limit their choices. Never, ever, has anything this bad been forced down the throat of “We the People” who repeatedly told them NO! More than 70 percent of Americans are opposed, and yet, they operated tyrannically and passed it.

There are many “solutions” floating around, but the one proposed by our Lieutenant Governor is our best shot at realistically stopping this legislation, and we commend him for taking the lead when apparently no other Statewide official will. We should all rally around this initiative and do all we can to be sure we are heard on this issue. As I wrote in my post on the Health Care Bill, killing it means everything.

Peter Kinder was elected Missouri’s 46th Lieutenant Governor on November 2, 2004. On November 4, 2008, he was re-elected to a second term carrying 102 of Missouri’s 114 counties. He is the second Republican elected to this office since 1928. As Lieutenant Governor, Peter Kinder serves as the official Senior Advocate for Missouri and is the Chairman of the largest sporting event ever brought to the state, the Tour of Missouri professional cycling race.

“I am honored to be on this week’s A-list. Missourians deserve to have their voices heard, that is what they elected me to do. This week’s vote on health care is just one more example of Washington Democrats ignoring the people who elected them to Congress. Missourians should rest assured: their voices are being heard. I plan on working with officials in 14 others states to fight the federal takeover of our healthcare system. Our message to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid is loud and clear; our fight has just begun.” – Peter Kinder