Political A List: Elise Kostial

Congratulations to Elise Kostial! Elise drafted and passed her first piece of legislation at age 13! I saw her take on an old, sage lobbyist on an issue one time–and WIN! The bill she and her group passed was the Ice Cream Bill, and it even increased revenues to the dairy business in her State (Missouri).

Elise Kostial, Co-founder of Concerned Young Women of America

Now that she is a veteran activist, she spends her days on Capitol Hill in Jefferson City and Washington, DC taking care of all the patriot causes! Her particular passions now are defeating Obamacare, fighting for Sovereignty, and ensuring Liberty.

She is C0-founder and creator of Concerned YOUNG Women for America, and she is on the Board of Directors for Tea Party Youth. She is an inspiration to young people of all persuasions for her activism, her patriotism, and her productive involvement in Government.