Political A List: Chairman Brett Dinkins

Brett is the first Republican to grace our Political A List, so congratulations, Brett!

And what a Republican he is! He Increased membership from 192 registered members in 2007 with 5-10 active in meetings to over 2,500 registered members with 40+ active in meetings currently. As Chairman, he increased membership by 25% just over the summer by physically recruiting during Freshmen Orientation as well as using social networking sites to actively seek out potential members.

He has attended numerous Tea Parties all over the State, and directed the one on April 15 at our State Capitol!

Mr. Dinkins is the State Coordinator and Missouri Delegate to the National Leaders’ Council for the Freemont Civics Foundation, a non-partisan national organization focused on providing absentee voters with up to date political information from their registered district.

In his work with Sons of Liberty, he developed a college targeted activist organization aimed at exposing political discrimination issues, constitutional violation issues, indoctrination issues, and the misuse of student fees for a political agenda.

From Brett:
“I am both honored and humbled at the nomination of Political A Lister of the week.  Campus, community, and state activism is not just a right to me, it is a duty.  I operate under the notion that civic engagement is key in the growth and development of future leaders, and now more than ever youth hold a vital role in this engagement.  I have made it my personal mission to maintain an active presence wherever I am, to serve as visual to young citizens across the state of the difference Missouri youth can make.  Now more than ever youth are rising to a call for action and actively seeking ways to get involved.  I am privileged to have had the opportunity to step up into a leadership role, organizing one of the fastest growing movements in the nation.”