Top 10 Liberal Factoids for 2009

I was reading Gateway Pundit’s blog and these are some fun little liberal factoid moments this year:

1. Kanye West’s Outburst at the Video Music Awards 37%

2. Bolivian Newscast Airs “Lost” Scene as Flight 447’s Last Moments 13%

3. Richard Heene’s Balloon Boy Hoax 11%

4. Photo Opportunity for Air Force One Mistaken for Terrorist Attack 8%

5. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Tries to Sell Obama’s Senate Seat 7%

6. Northwest Flight to Minneapolis Overshoots Airport by 150 Miles 7%

7. Gordon Brown’s Hand Shake Fail 4%

8. Christian Bale’s Freak Out on Terminator Set 3%

9. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Affair with Argentinean 3%

10. White House Crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi 2%