Political A-Lister-JAMES O’KEEFE


After breaking on to the news scene last summer and through the fall with his hard hitting expose’ of ACORN, James O’Keefe-the now infamous ACRON “Pimp“-made himself a household name.  With his special hard-hitting brand of investigative journalism and fabulous way of going after the story, James is a force to be reckoned with. Because of James, and others like him, citizen across this nation are turning out in force to investigate corruption where they see it and go after the real news that many outlets are unwilling to show.

Traveling the world with a crew of 1 and a small camera.  To be sure, there is more to come from him.  He is “Living Out LOUD!”  

As an inspiration to citizen journalists every where-James O’Keefe is our Political A-Lister of the week!


  1. So cool to see this young man doing his part, all on his own, to uncover corruption. If each of us acted so independently, and creatively, there would be no question about the survival of our republic. He is a real inspiration. And who would have thought such inspiration could come from a guy dressed as a pimp?

  2. Great to see James being honored here. How about our own Washington University students who as part of YAL (Young Americans for Liberty) had the guts to construct a gulag on the Wash U campus and suit up as Russian guards and gulag prisoners to give a visual demo of how socialist thought plays out in the end? The greater good is always served best when individuals use their God-given liberties to do what’s best for them… That turns out to be best for others, too. I’d like to suggest that Phil and Durk, the leaders of the WashU YAL get on the A-list for their gutsy work at WashU. (James O’Keefe was there the day the did the gulag, too, I believe.)

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