Political A List –Councilman Steve Stenger

Councilman Steve Stenger dissented from his Democrat colleagues on the St. Louis County Council to stand firm for his constituents against a new tax for Metro. The tax has come under sharp criticism for being steep, poorly
timed economically, and with no real plan as to exactly what will be funded.

Taxpayers have twice rejected the same tax. We are still
paying for the last metro spending binge that was promised to qualify our
region for federal matching dollars that never came. We will be paying
that bill for another 40 years. Thus, another tax proposal during these
tough economic times just makes proponents seem out of touch with the
pulse of the voters.

Councilmember Steve Stenger (D-Affton)

Still, it is easier in politics to “go along.” Councilman Stenger had every form of cover to tell his constituents that the measure to put this tax on the April ballot was going to pass anyway. Even if he didn’t like it, he could have voted yes to keep peace with his party, and his County Executive. He did not take the easy way out. He stood firm for a vote he believed is right for his constituents, putting people above politics, and thinking outside the box. That is
what our Political A List is all about, and we are proud to name him our Political A Lister this week for his courage on this matter!

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