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One Big Gay Mistake

The ruling on Proposition 8 is potentially the Roe v. Wade of this generation. Patriots all over the Country are rising up motivated primarily in opposition to profligate Federal spending. There is a huge undercurrent desire to restore State Sovereignty …

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Alton Tea Party

The Alton Tea Party was a salute to the patriots of this Country, who are going to change things in the next election. As long as the enemy continues to attack us, WE WILL WIN! See this coverage on Keyboard …

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The leftist blogs seem to really enjoy my Show! I want to thank them for tuning in, invite them back, and encourage them for risking the side effect that they might actually have a seed planted… First, the liblogs attacked …

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Political A List: Blogger, Jim Hoft. A Diamond in the Grass.

Who knew that Jim Hoft, the #2 blogger in the world lives and works from his home right here in St. Louis? The truth is, you would not know if you talked to him, or his neighbors, that he is …

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St. Louis Tea Party ~ April 15th, 2010

Gina Loudon from Doug Edelman on Vimeo.

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Political A List: Elise Kostial

Congratulations to Elise Kostial! Elise drafted and passed her first piece of legislation at age 13! I saw her take on an old, sage lobbyist on an issue one time–and WIN! The bill she and her group passed was the …

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Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls, MSM: It Tolls for Thee

With a whiff of nostalgia, I can imagine the old time journalist with the smell of coffee and cigarettes wafting through the click and clang of the typewriter.   Fifty years ago, a “journalist” had the ring of a dispassionate, …

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St Louis Celebrates Tea Party Anniversary – With a Tea Party!

Despite the date conflicting with Missouri Lincoln days, a 2nd Amendment Rally, and an event with State Rep Icet, St Louis Tea Party Coalition organizers staged an event at the St Louis Riverfront under the Gateway Arch, to commemorate and …

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