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Will New Jersey’s debt sink Chris Christie?

Dr. Gina and Neil Cavuto discuss whether New Jersey’s economic problems will plague Chris Christie’s presidential run.

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America Trends with Dr. Gina

America Trends features subjects that matter to all Americans ranging from pop culture to world events, while uniquely encouraging audience interaction and enabling coverage of the very latest, up to the moment, trending content. Find out more HERE

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Dr. Gina

William Woods University chooses alumna as commencement speaker. Gina Loudon to give graduates advice, wisdom

William Woods University’s graduation ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. in Cutlip Auditorium — inside McNutt Campus Center, or “the dome” — on campus. The traditional Ivy Ceremony will take place prior — at 9:15 a.m. at Senior Lake. William …

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Dr. Gina to Speak at her Alma Mater – William Woods University

FULTON, MO – From an early age, Gina Gentry’s father debated political issues with her and she became quite a skilled debater, which no doubt led to her career as a political talk show host. Now known as “Dr. Gina,” …

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Abolish the IRS? Dr. Gina & Ted Cruz say YES!

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Dr Gina

2 Things Women Want that Dems Can’t Offer

The most terrifying thing to Democrats right now is a hard-working, independent provider. That is simultaneously the thing that is the most attractive to 90 percent of women in America. This week, Gwyneth Paltrow fawned all over President Obama, saying …

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Exclusive: Gina Loudon sets record straight for old, white guys on ‘Face the Nation’   by GINA LOUDON PhD “Conventional is not for me. I like things that are uniquely [me]. I like being different.” – Florence Griffith Joyner (four-time Olympic …

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Dr. Gina


   Dr. Gina and April Braswell @ AprilBraswell.com discuss dating momma’s boys! See all of Dr. Gina’s Smart Life show on Money Business Life Network

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06.20.13 – Should Conservatives Bow to Liberals to Get Elected?

Should Conservatives Bow to Liberals to Get Elected? Was Jesus a Pacifist? The Gosnellian world of more abortion horrors. Also our guest Ken Klukowski joins us, today for Theo Thursday on the Dr. Gina Show   Brought to you by: …

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Billy Hallowell’s Firsthand Account of the Gosnell Trial on the Dr. Gina Show

TheBlaze.com’s Faith Editor Billy Hallowell was in the courtroom this week at the Gosnell trial bringing us the news that you will hear nowhere else. He joined Dr. Gina on the show to fill us in…

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Dr. Gina and John Nolte of Breitbart News on Gosnell Media Coverage

John Nolte, Editor-at-Large of Breitbart News joined Dr. Gina to update us on the media coverage on the Gosnell case.

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Dr. Gina Loudon of the Dr. Gina Show

Dr. Gina goes out on a limb, fights culture wars, receives lots of support

Why? Why would someone go on reality TV’s, “Wife Swap?” That’s the question that seems to be on the lips of conservatives and Tea Party activists across the country, as they learned of one of the movement’s most conservative family’s decision to …

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