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Evidence shows EPA funded human trials, exposed children to cancer-causing air pollutants, despite 2006 ban Read more at http://libertyunyielding.com/2015/01/30/evidence-shows-epa-funded-human-trials-exposing-children-cancer-causing-air-pollutants-despite-2006-ban

The Environmental Protection Agency has defended its decision to fund university experiments that tested deadly air pollutants on children, saying the studies were approved by review boards and were stopped after the agency banned the practice in 2006. “When these …

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Dr Gina

2 Things Women Want that Dems Can’t Offer

The most terrifying thing to Democrats right now is a hard-working, independent provider. That is simultaneously the thing that is the most attractive to 90 percent of women in America. This week, Gwyneth Paltrow fawned all over President Obama, saying …

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Dr. Gina


   Dr. Gina and April Braswell @ AprilBraswell.com discuss dating momma’s boys! See all of Dr. Gina’s Smart Life show on Money Business Life Network

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06.20.13 – Should Conservatives Bow to Liberals to Get Elected?

Should Conservatives Bow to Liberals to Get Elected? Was Jesus a Pacifist? The Gosnellian world of more abortion horrors. Also our guest Ken Klukowski joins us, today for Theo Thursday on the Dr. Gina Show   Brought to you by: …

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Hollywood Hiccups

Celebrity Wife Swap SPOILERS: A Tea Party Activist & A Mother in the Middle Of a Polyamorous Relationship Swap

Celebrity Wife Swap returns March 28th, 2013 with a whole new episode.  For the first timein the show’s history, a family breaks the rules of the swap and refuses to reunite for the roundtable discussion. The families that swap lives this week are:  A Tea Party Activist – …

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Dr. Gina Loudon of the Dr. Gina Show

Dr. Gina goes out on a limb, fights culture wars, receives lots of support

Why? Why would someone go on reality TV’s, “Wife Swap?” That’s the question that seems to be on the lips of conservatives and Tea Party activists across the country, as they learned of one of the movement’s most conservative family’s decision to …

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American Grizzlies

@AGUGrizzlies: @DrGinaLoudon Infiltrates Pop Culture Goes On #WifeSwap TV And Turns Hollywood Nerd Herds Golden Calf Into A Holy Cow

The Hollywood Nerd Herd is flipping out. Their once sacred cow (golden calf?) of Pop Culture domination is under attack. The Hollywood Nerd Herd‘s golden calf is going up in smoke, being ground to a pulp, and being shoved down their self righteous throat. Guess what? They don’t like it. …

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Celebrity WIfe Swap Logo

Before You Slam the Loudons for Reality TV Show, Watch This

Our old friends John and Gina Loudon appear on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap this Thursday, March 28. A lot of my friends have asked “what were they thinking?” Dr. Gina explains what they were thinking:     To continue reading  click here: …

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Dr. Gina Loudon

PolitiChicks Proudly Stands By Dr. Gina Loudon & Family

When you’re given immense gifts in life, very few people know how to use them to their fullest extent.  Vincent Van Gogh was a brilliant artist but he never understood how to market and sell his work; as a result, …

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Dr. Gina Show – Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Brought to you by Gun Owners of America, Liberty Alliance and Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting The video will go live at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific. If you have trouble with the stream, try refreshing the page. Or you may try these two other options to listen live. …

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Callaway Lincoln Day to feature nationally-known speaker

This will be a BIG treat, as both Senator Loudon and Dr. Gina will be there!  Her books and other signature items will be available, signed in person for you. So if you are in the area please visit we would …

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Dr. Gina Show – Thursday, Feb 28th, 2013

Brought to you by Gun Owners of America, Liberty Alliance and Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting The video will go live at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific. If you have trouble with the stream, try refreshing the page. Or you may try these two other …

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