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Will New Jersey’s debt sink Chris Christie?

Dr. Gina and Neil Cavuto discuss whether New Jersey’s economic problems will plague Chris Christie’s presidential run.

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Dylan Roof


The experts rushed to be in front of the TV cameras this week to give their opinion on what or who was to blame for the Charleston massacre. Many shoes were thrown at televisions this week as these experts blamed …

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conservative candidates

3 simple steps to a conservative in the White House

As we look ahead to the 2016 elections, we need to be ready to fight back against those who do not want a right-sided victory. Many will talk about attracting certain voting groups. They will spout the rhetoric we have …

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Unfortunately, the tragedy of sexual-reassignment surgery has a sordid history. The heinous idea began with well-known sexual-perversion advocate Alfred Kinsey. Contending that people are “sexual from birth,” he used experiments on babies during World War II. His legacy stands largely …

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America Trends with Dr. Gina

America Trends features subjects that matter to all Americans ranging from pop culture to world events, while uniquely encouraging audience interaction and enabling coverage of the very latest, up to the moment, trending content. Find out more HERE

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We have learned in our culture that tolerance is important; that in some capacity, there is some situation whereby most people might do bad things but are still good people, and that we certainly should never cast a cloud over …

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Dr. Gina

William Woods University chooses alumna as commencement speaker. Gina Loudon to give graduates advice, wisdom

William Woods University’s graduation ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. in Cutlip Auditorium — inside McNutt Campus Center, or “the dome” — on campus. The traditional Ivy Ceremony will take place prior — at 9:15 a.m. at Senior Lake. William …

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2 lessons from moms who won’t raise thugs

During the news coverage of the Baltimore riots, many of us have been wondering, “Where are the parents of these rioters?” A few parents have stepped up to be the example of how to parent in the era of race …

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Dr. Gina to Speak at her Alma Mater – William Woods University

FULTON, MO – From an early age, Gina Gentry’s father debated political issues with her and she became quite a skilled debater, which no doubt led to her career as a political talk show host. Now known as “Dr. Gina,” …

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Abolish the IRS? Dr. Gina & Ted Cruz say YES!

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How Will History Judge Barack Hussein Obama?

Seriously, When history takes a step back and reviews the time of President Barack Obama with an unbiased eye – they will say, “Damn Americans were really stupid back then!” Will historians lament; “How did it happen? It couldn’t be …

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Chris Kyle

Was Chris Kyle’s killer a converted Muslim?

The “conventional wisdom” says former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was tragically shot and killed by a former soldier suffering from PTSD. But perhaps there’s another version of the story no one wants to talk about. What if Routh had been …

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