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Rusty Humphries’ Surprise Appearance on the Dr. Gina Show


The great theologian Rusty Humphries could not resist calling in for a discussion on things you always thought were in the Bible, but actually aren’t.

  • Wow u related satan to Obama

    • Karen

      I agree they just attack everything but say “They don’t judge” their both a joke!!

  • Karen

    Even though I don’t agree with the lifestyle the bottom line is it’s not mine to judge that’s for God to do. For Gina and he husband to judge like they did was so hypercritical they kept saying they weren’t judging but come on lets call a spade a spade here.

    If this is what represents the tea party I know I’m out… Shame on this family , but on the other hand thanks for showing America your true colors!!

  • I can honestly say that I am in such disgust with their family and honestly if you look at statistics gay marriages last longer then straight and the likely hood of domestic violence physical emotional and psychological are significantly lower we were born with the freedom of choice let people be and it surprises me because everyone knows Gina and her husband probably have some deep dark secrets that they don’t want out in the open they are cowards