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Polling the Uninformed: Dr. Gina interviews Scott Rasmussen


How do you take a poll of the American people when they have no idea what to even have an opinion on? Dr. G finds out!

  • I can’t believe this topic pretty much saying that the population of the us is uneducated and ignorant when Gina in fact u r casting judgement where u have no place to educate urself before u try to educated others u want no vulgarity and no racism when u preach that what other people’s life styles is vulgar and I quote your husband ” are you Muslim ” sound a little like hitler having solders ask ” are you a Jew ” what happen to tho shall not pass judgement it is gods who Evers god or gods to past judgement not a pair of people who know nothing on the matter me and my friends fight u and what you beleave and

  • One day your eyes will open up and The Lord will shine his light threw to open you up to bigger greener pastures