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Dr. Gina Show – April 1st, 2013


Brought to you by Gun Owners of America, Liberty Alliance and Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting

The video will go live at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific. If you have trouble with the stream, try refreshing the page.
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Guest: The one and only Ola of OlaStyle! We are way overdue in talking about the best and worst dressed of CPAC!
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  • Derek Harlow

    Dr. Gina, sent you an email about the Wife Swap show and got a response to call in. I get an error that i cannot call this number from “my calling area.” Major bummer because i think we would have a good conversation. (I was the dude who used the example of giving to the poor).
    -Derek H.

    • Derek Harlow

      One area you could tell that you were able to spread love on the wife swap show was through your children. Rock solid kids. Engaging is the only way to change it. Completely agree. There was one part on the show where you said “I’m going to naturally reject the lifestyle (of the other family), but…” cut. I’m willing to bet what you said next was great but TV doesn’t want that “niceness.”

    • Derek: So sorry! We are transitioning our equipment this week. Listen again because we would love to hear from you. The new # will be announced as soon as we have it on the show! Thank you!