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@AGUGrizzlies: @DrGinaLoudon Infiltrates Pop Culture Goes On #WifeSwap TV And Turns Hollywood Nerd Herds Golden Calf Into A Holy Cow



The Hollywood Nerd Herd is flipping out. Their once sacred cow (golden calf?) of Pop Culture domination is under attack. The Hollywood Nerd Herd‘s golden calf is going up in smoke, being ground to a pulp, and being shoved down their self righteous throat.

Guess what? They don’t like it.

Hour by hour The Hollywood Nerd Herd uses television and Pop Culture to it’s full capacity. On a daily basis our society and national narratives are shaped via Pop Culture through televisions profound, though often times subtle, political detail.

Pop Culture is upstream of politics. If the permanent political class within the Democrat Media Complex thinks Common Sense, Constitutional Americans are going to fall in line, and let them solely control the world of Pop Culture, they are in for a big surprise.

Many conservatives are now boldly infiltrating the world of Pop Culture. We are no longer afraid of being called:


By infiltrating Pop Culture, Dr. Gina Loudon and her husband former state senator John Loudon recently turned The Hollywood Nerd Herd‘s Golden Calf into a Holy Cow.

The Loudon’s courageously threw themselves into the Lions Den by fearlessly appearing on an episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap…It doesn’t stop there.

The Loudons

The Producers of Celebrity Wife Swap decided to pair up the Conservative Christian Loudon Family with…wait for it…a POLYAMOROUS FAMILY.

Yes you are reading this correctly. Dr. Gina Loudon and her husband John Loudon had to swap lives for one week with a harem family consisting of one husband and several wives.

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  • “I know, right?” LOL

  • Wow…Well at least you spelled pathetic right. Idiot…

    • Anonymous

      And your point?

      Coming from someone with excellent sentence structure.

      • thisamericangirl

        My guess would be the only part of the comment worth posting on was the fact that pathetic was spelled right.

  • You should hang on to your sympathy, I have a feeling you are going to need it. How someone chooses to live their life and raise their family is their business, EVEN IF THEY ARE CONSERVATIVE OR CHRISTIAN. Liberals don’t have a monopoly on freedom. Liberals don’t own “rights”. It is given to ALL MEN AND WOMEN…Yes, even to Christians and Conservatives.

    • thisamericangirl

      How is Tamara sick? She couldn’t possibly be more right.

  • Sheesh….YOU REALLY sound like you are “Fighting for a new and kinder America”…You are just OOZING with kindness. Let me tell you something, if your type of attitude is considered “kindness” then I want NO PART OF IT. And as far as telling people “Not to post on Dr. Gina’s Page” let me give you a little bit of “free advice”…The page is titled “Dr. Gina” which means she and/or her staff can post or allow others to post what they want. And they can take down posts that they want. It’s called freedom.

    • Anonymous

      That’s actually not what Freedom is…

  • thisamericangirl

    They are low class? You are the one here spouting belligerent remarks and names and then talking about kindness out of the other side of your mouth.

    So let me get this straight… the Loudons are shallow and pathetic, even though they have had a long prosperous marriage with successful careers and 5 well behaved, respectful children, but yet you have a man who is with two women and they both use Amanda as a live in nanny with benefits. Meanwhile Chris is a chauvinistic, controlling man, who expects women to wait on him. And on top of that, him and his children never showed any respect for Gina, especially when he found out who she was. He judged her before she even had an opportunity and he chose to use Amanda to help him with that said judgement. So who is pathetic here?

    Many on this thread and others are sitting here calling the Loudon’s bigots and hateful and pathetic and so on. However, neither Chris nor Ashley were open to how the Loudon’s live. It was always about them. Oh John insulted me, oh Gina is preaching and I don’t trust her because she is a Tea Party person and so on. Chris called her an “evil woman” for what???? Teaching him about God and the constitution and bill of rights. God forbid he learn something. It all came down to Chris being insulted by a woman smarter than him and he couldn’t handle it, so he resorted to name calling…plain and simple. He was the one filled with judgement. He was the one who was always defensive. I’m guessing Gina was just suppose to sit there and take his belligerence yelling and name calling.

    Even Ashley and Amanda said it themselves…Chris does not appreciate them and that’s why they did wife swap…speaking of WS…when in the history have they ever had anyone swap with a polygamist family? And if that is the case, then why did Amanda stay and not go with Ashley?

    And as far as posting things…its not contrived. They just don’t allow hateful speech as you “kindness” person seems to talk with.

  • Eff Jay

    Anyone who is simple minded enough to not see the distinction between National Socialism and left-wing socialism is too dumb to engage in debate with.

  • Eff Jay

    Equating socialism with National Socialism is like saying that John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy are the same person– pure idiocy.

  • Eff Jay

    To those non-thinkers who equate liberals with Nazis: liberals are motivated by justice and compassion. What motivated Nazis? Tea Partiers are motivated by selfishness and ignorance– guess who is more like Hitler?