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Dr. Gina Talks Gun Control and More on Good Morning San Diego


  • Pastor Jack Martin

    That was one excellant and courageous interview. God bless you Gina. Im so tired of the spiritual aspect being skirted by so many. As long as we do people will continue to die needlessly.

    You were spot on in every way. Thank you.

  • Nicole

    Well said!

  • Arming pilots will not solve the problem either. Rememer the PSA pilot who commtted suicide by shooting his captain and crashing the plane in arround Solvang some time in the 70’s. Also, the Egyptian plane that went down because a muslim radical committed suicide and took a lot of the top military officers with him some place over the Atlanitc afer leaving from Canada. Piolitsd can also be unstable so there is no absolute safe strategy.