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Free Phones for Votes! Get Your ObamaPhones!



by Dr. Gina Loudon

Thomas Jefferson warned us that as soon as people learn they can vote themselves money from the treasury, it would signal the end of our republic.  This warning resonates as we watch our freedoms dissipate under Obama’s tyranny and his ruthless treatment of our ethical framework, and our laws.

People often wonder, sometime piously, how it is that tyranny occurs.  We like to think the populations victimized were somehow less savvy, more gullible, or asleep at the wheel.  We think ourselves better somehow, and that it could never happen here.  Every generation that has fallen to tyranny has believed the same comforting fable.  They only learn that they, too, were susceptible to tyranny when it is too late.

Tyranny is always established by the same means. When Hitler set out to subjugate the German people, he proclaimed that every household deserved a car. Thus was born the “Volkswagen” or peoples’ car. The people loved him because their appetite for free stuff had been whetted, and nothing could deter their craving.  Like The Price is Right, this “benevolent leader” was giving them the best of all free stuff—A New Car!  They were cheap, but they were free, and they were cars.  The people believed Hitler loved them.  Jewish people got the free cars before they were sent to gas chambers to die, trusting that the Hitler regime must have their best interest in mind, even as they surrendered their jewelry and boarded a train to their deaths. Even the narcissistic, megalomaniacal Hitler didn’t have the audacity to call them “Hitler cars.”

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  • Chuck Gruden

    Are you too dumb or too lazy to actually do a little digging into the ‘Obamaphones’? You should call them Reaganphones or Bushphones while you are at it…you know, just for variety and truth.

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