Rally at the office of Rep. Spencer Bachus


Rep. Spencer Bachus has been charged with serious accusations in the past few days. On Sunday, 60 minutes did an exposé  based on the information revealed in a book released today (11/15) called Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer.

The Congressman has been invited to speak to his constituents and answer the accusations on the Dr Gina Show but the only answer received so far is this canned response:

“Congressman Bachus makes sure to comply with the law and House Ethics rules, and his financial transactions are publicly disclosed.  Chairman Bachus does not trade in financial sector companies over which the Financial Services Committee has jurisdiction.”

Since Rep. Bachus will not come to face his constituents on the airwaves, we plan to go to him.

On Thursday, November 17th from noon until 1pm, Dr Gina, along with The Rainy Day Patriots and other Alabama conservatives will gather outside Rep. Bachus’ Congressional Office located at:

1900 International Park Drive
Birmingham, AL 35216

Please bring your friends and family. Invite others. Let’s join together to demand answers and accountability from Rep. Bachus.

  • Cindi

    Would be there if I could. Kindly let this pathetic excuse of a conservative representative know you’re protesting and calling for his resignation for those of us who cannot be there because we WORK for our money. Thank you.

  • GR

    “Rep. Bachus will not come to face his constituents on the airwaves”

    Bachus, you would do well to remember who your one and only employer is – We The People.

    More accurately, remember who your employer was.