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The Dr. Gina Show is now heard on WYDE – The Source!


The Dr. Gina show is now heard in the south on 101.1 WYDE, the 100,000 Watt FM talk station!

Click here to listen live every weekday 4-7pm

Don’t worry midwestern listeners… you can still hear The Dr Gina Show on Truth Talk 630!

No matter where you are, you can call the show! 866-551-9933

  • Gordon Brown displayed “a mix of high moralism and low cynicism”, while Tony Blair, who has disparaged Blue Labour, “had a slightly demented view of modernisation. That’s putting it mildly. Blair and Brown were virtually indistinguishable, but you would have thought that massive ideological differences separated them. It was a form of genuine madness.” Closer at first to David