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Crawford Broadcasting Company announces the launch of a new Conservative Christian Talk Station hitting the airwaves on June 28, 2010. The Nationally acclaimed and most listenened to Christian Talk Radio Host in all of Michigan, Bob Dutko will head up the new talent at Truth Talk 630. His show is M-F, 12-4 pm.

Dr. Gina Loudon will join Truth Talk as their new PM Drive host, M-F, 4-6. Her show will focus on politics, travel, faith in action, women’s issues, life design and effective Christian living.

Bob and Gina join other greats to come in the all new line up for Truth Talk’s launch happening on June 28. The station has the largest daytime signal of any station in St. Louis, covering half of Missouri, half of Illinois, with the tips on Kentucky and Indiana (see Coverage Map).

Join us!

  • Lois Linton

    Arizona needs to be applauded for passing a law to protect its citizens from the lawbreakers who have invaded their sovereign state. The Buycott is a great idea.

  • Judith

    I often listen to Gina Loudon on the way home for work – for entertainment. One of my main concerns is she will get to rattling so quickly about a main idea (that I may or may not agree with) that like an Octopus, the main point is the body of the creature and all of the sudden you have 8 or 9 smaller and inconsistent points tethered to the original idea, that have nothing to do with that idea or are invalid – and very slippery as well!

    Anyone who uses the phrase “That black man” in reference to our current president is racist and inciting riots, justifying a humanitarian wrong to build up her own reputation, and if you have to use such phrasing – you have no valid arguement to put forth. Everything she says always ties into bringing down the current president – which is Treason! albeit in a dress…The stronger she tries to prove wrong doing on the presidents part – the deeper she digs her own hole – like the priest/pastor who is adamantly preaching the evils of sex, drugs or gambling and then you hear he’s been arrested with a hooker and drugs…

  • J West

    The website for truthtalk does not work

    • admin

      Hi J,

      Thank you for letting us know. It is now fixed. Have a great day!